1 week of FLE training: “Les indispensables”

Course for adults

I want to improve my skills and resources.

1 week • 30 group lessons

Our “FLE Training: The essentials” programme offers you a complete overview of the FLE teaching career as well as all the tools you need to teach with complete confidence.

Thanks to our innovative methodology (pedagogical creation, classroom activities, acquisition of fundamental teaching tools), you will be able to motivate your students while remaining at the forefront of today’s language pedagogy.

Examples of training workshops:

  • My first course: lesson 0
  • Leading my class: space and communication management
  • Individualized and collective corrective techniques
  • Resources (games, methods, media, social networks, digital tools)
  • Living and interactive grammar
  • Motivating the teenage audience
  • Didactization of authentic documents
  • Design and manage a pedagogical project in the classroom
  • Video in the FLE classroom
  • Etc…

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