Teaching and pedagogy of LSF

LSF, is the highest rated school of French as a foreign language in the Occitania region. It has been awarded 15 stars out of 15 by the CIEP. It’s methodology is based on the rigorous application of the principles of the action approach and respects the levels of the CECR. LSF is constantly evolving to meet the new requirements of official evaluation entities such as the CIEP (Centre international d’études pédagogiques) and the CCIP (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris) with whom it is work closely.

formation à la carte


LSF offers a specific training programme for French teachers outside France (primary school, middle school, high school, university). The minimum level required of trainee teachers is level B1 of the CECR.


  • 22h30 group lessons per week (30 lessons of 45 minutes each)
  • Access to the LSF e-learning platform
  • Access to the professional platform/network FLE TooFrench by LSF
  • Training in the use of new TICE tools (Interactive Board – Online resources – Video games in class etc.) and pedagogical innovation.
  • Immersion in the school’s internal pedagogy (digitized resources, games and manuals, training engineering)
  • Classroom observations and practice exchanges with the LSF pedagogical team

Practical information:

  • 10 students per class maximum
  • Level B1 required
  • Duration of the training: 1 or 2 weeks

Price of the training:

  • 380 € net per person for 1 week
  • 760 € net per person for 2 weeks

Very efficient resources:


As soon as you arrive and throughout the duration of your training, you will have access to our interactive and social e-learning platform (accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone) which contains a training catalogue of more than 300 modules ranging from level A1 to level C1/C2.

LSF’s e-learning platform is used both in the classroom and as a support for the courses. It allows students to deepen their knowledge of French (grammar exercises and lessons, vocabulary, conjugation, written production, written and oral comprehension, phonetics) and to immerse themselves in current events and French and Francophone culture.

Our pedagogical team answers all questions submitted on the platform and corrects all published written contributions: the objective is to provide pedagogical assistance and continuous monitoring to our students and to enable them to progress in writing by offering them personalized correction and advice.

In addition to having access to the entire training catalogue and the many educational activities for learners on the platform, you will have access to a private group where you can interact directly with your professor. You will find the courses and workshops followed during your training and you will be able to download them.

We encourage teachers to keep access to the LSF e-learning platform at the end of their stay at a very favourable cost.

e-Collaborative PLATFORM TOO FRENCH by LSF

During your stay, you will also discover the e-collaborative platform TooFrench by LSF.

This platform responds to changes and evolutions in the profession of FLE teacher and allows you to teach French autonomously (linking FLE teachers and learners worldwide) by taking advantage of ready-to-use pedagogical content from level A1 to level C1/C2 (downloadable activities, videos presenting didactic activities, technological watch, etc.).

Registered teachers are in permanent contact with the LSF pedagogical team, by e-mail or video-conference and have access to all the new features created and published by the Toofrench team.

"À la carte" FLE training


  • 19h30 of classes per week
  • 20 group lessons of 45 minutes of Standard Course (Advanced)
  • 6 private lessons of 45 minutes of pedagogical workshops
  • Access to the LSF e-learning platform
  • Access to the e-collaborative platform TooFrench

Practical information:

  • 10 students per class max. in group classes
  • Level B1 required
Nos formateurs de déplacent

Practical information:

  • 10 students per class max. in group classes
  • Level B1 required

Price of the training:

  • 500 € net per person per week (degressive rate from 2 weeks of lessons)

Our À LA CARTE FLE TRAINING will allow you to combine a LINGUISTIC PERFORMANCE program (grammatical, oral, written and phonetic readjustment) and CULTURAL (cultural and civilizational update) with a personalized PEDAGOGICAL WORKSHOP program.


You will follow the standard course appropriate to your level. You will develop your grammatical and communicative skills, enrich your vocabulary and draw ideas and techniques from the classroom by observing our teachers in action.

To achieve these objectives (interacting on daily life and current events by sharing your experiences and opinions), our teachers use a wide variety of teaching materials and the latest generation of computer and digital equipment, making you discover the cultural and social characteristics of France and France and the major current issues.

Every week, LSF offers you a performance test that allows you to self-assess yourself, measure your progress and memorize the week’s main points.

For each level, LSF has defined a programme based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages* to enable you to acquire the most important speaking skills to understand French and make yourself understood in French. The detailed programs are available at the school and on our e-learning platform.

(*The CEFR defines the methods of language learning, teaching and assessment and proposes a standardised scale of competences according to 6 levels).


These workshops are divided into 6 private lessons per week, which take place from Monday to Friday in the afternoons, in addition to the Standard courses.

Before your arrival you will fill in a document to share your expectations and specific needs with our team. Our FLE pedagogical experts design a fully customized workshop program for you that corresponds to your pedagogical priorities.

Private tutoring for teachers can also take up the themes covered during our teacher training sessions organised during the summer, see page number FLE TRAINING: “Les Indispensables”, FLE TRAINING: Cap Innovation!

À LA CARTE FLE Training - groups courses

Duration of the training, content and number of courses: on quotation.

  • from 4 participants or more

On request, we can design a tailor-made program for your groups of FLE teachers. You can combine a program focused on linguistic and cultural development with a series of pedagogical workshops specifically targeting the pedagogical needs of the teaching team.

Organize a FLE training in your own center

Our experts can travel and work with your teachers

Would you like to organize a seminar or tailor-made training workshops for the teachers of your centre? Would you like to discover innovative practices and benefit from the pedagogical expertise of our specialized trainers?

Our FLE experts come directly to your centre to organize and lead workshops, conferences or complete pedagogical training courses adapted to your needs.

Nos formateurs se déplacent

We offer a wide range of workshops dedicated to the pedagogical aspects of French as a foreign language and to pedagogical innovation. The organisation of a tailor-made FLE training course offers you the freedom to combine several themes and to adapt the offer of courses for teachers to your needs (duration, number of workshops, number of participants, etc.).

Here are our themes and some examples of proposed workshops:

Survival kit of the FLE teacher

  • A vibrant and interactive grammar.
  • Cap immersion: didactization of authentic documents.
  • Media in the classroom: unlimited learning!
  • Understand contemporary French society.
  • The methodology and basic principles of the FLE.

Teaching differently: new practices

  • Video games in the FLE class.
  • Preparing your students for the world of work: FOS in action!
  • Teach French with the 5 senses.
  • Improvisation and theatrical techniques in class.

Junior Public Special

  • Teaching 7 – 11 year olds: learning while having fun.
  • Unleash learners’ creativity: from creation to learning.
  • Project pedagogy: let’s re-motivate our teenagers.
  • Immersion in the language with French-speaking cinema (school audience).

Motivate and manage your class

  • Lead and manage your class: dynamics and correction strategies.
  • Learn French through songs.
  • Theatre in the classroom: simple and fun activities.
  • Develop oral and key pronunciation techniques.

FLE Assessment

  • Prepare your learners for the DELF / DALF.
  • Evaluation in the classroom.
  • the CECR and FLE certifications.

Web 2.0 Tools

  • Creation of educational materials and videos with office tools.
  • Internet resources and web 2.0 activities.
  • The smartphone in FLE class: a new tool for the teacher.
  • Use of the TBI (Interactive Whiteboard) in French as a foreign language class.
  • Collaboration tools and teacher resource sharing.

We also offer to train teachers on our innovative teaching / learning and e-collaboration tools FLE : the e-learning and e-collaborative platform TooFrench.

Ask for a quotation

Prepare a language stay for your students

I would like to organize and coordinate a trip for my students.

Are you looking for the best way for your students to discover our beautiful region of the South of France and immerse themselves in French culture while perfecting their language skills?

LSF offers you a reliable and reassuring environment in which the management of school groups can be complete (courses, the programme of cultural and tourist activities, accommodation and transfers) or partial, depending on your preferences. Indeed, we offer tailor-made stays and our offers are customizable according to the needs of each school.

French lessons for school groups

A team of experienced and certified teachers

All our teachers are native French speakers and hold a university degree in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). Our permanent team is made up of teachers who all have extensive experience in teaching French as a foreign language. We attach great importance to pedagogical innovation, which is why our teachers regularly follow training courses to guarantee a level of excellence at LSF. We only recruit experienced and creative, competent and enthusiastic teachers who know how to make their French lessons coherent, stimulating, enjoyable and fun.

Our FLE experts

Our trainers of FLE teachers are involved in missions abroad and regularly participate in international events organized around the pedagogical aspects of FLE.

They have also been accredited examiners by the CIEP and the CCIP and train in the passing of examinations and certifications such as the DELF/DALF (Diplôme d’études en langue française and Diplôme approfondi de langue française), the TEF (Test d’études de la langue française) and the DFP (Diplôme de français professionnel).

Always looking for new ideas for the classroom, our experts have created many tools to promote pedagogical innovation within the teaching of French as a foreign language. They accompany teachers in order to equip them and awaken their creativity. The objective of our FLE training courses is to provide teachers with a multitude of tools and key resources and to make them completely autonomous in the creation of content and in their classroom management when they return to teaching.


Funding from the European Union covers language stays if they are part of an academic or training programme. In addition to taking courses abroad, this assistance may take the form of an internship and language course as part of Erasmus (academic education) or the Léonardo programme (professional teaching).

To finance your course with an Erasmus+ scholarship.

Contact the Erasmus agency in your country and indicate the LSF PIC code: 944047069.

Follow our French courses

100% financed by your CPF

group courses • private lessons • exam preparation