For your project, prove your level of French with the TEF

LSF Montpellier is an examination centre recognised by the CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris) for the TEF examination (Test d’Evaluation du Français).

Next session TEF Examination :

  • 29.05.2020 (registration deadline : 19.05.2020)
  • 19.06.2020 (registration deadline : 09.06.2020)
  • 24.07.2020 (registration deadline : 13.07.2020)
  • 28.08.2020 (registration deadline : 18.08.2020)
  • 25.09.2020 (registration deadline : 15.09.2020)
  • 23.10.2020 (registration deadline : 13.10.2020)
  • 27.11.2020 (registration deadline : 17.11.2020)
  • 18.12.2020 (registration deadline : 08.12.2020)

The TEF examination is essential if you want to :

  • Study in France (TEF for studying in France)
  • Live in France (TEF Residential)
  • Obtain French nationality (TEF Naturalisation)
  • Immigrate to Canada (TEF Canada)
  • Immigrate to Quebec (TEFAQ)
  • Attest your level of French in a professional context.

Booking conditions and tarifs

To enrol for the TEF, TEFAQ, TEF Naturalisation, TEF Canada or TEF Residential examinations, you should pay for the examinations (Paypal) and complete the form below and return it to us, together with a passport photo + a photocopy of your identity card or passport.

1/ Payment

2/ Complete the booking form

All the required information must be provided, otherwise the application will not be valid. The application will also not be valid until full payment has been received.

In the case of cancellation, fees will be reimbursed minus a 50 € administrative charge.

To help you take the examination which correponds to your project, the CCIP has produced the following manuals :

Get ready with our online exam preparation of  TEF, TEF CANADA, TEF QUÉBEC, TEF NATURALISATION!