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LSF-IEF Montpellier is a French as a foreign language school in the KLF (Keep Learning French) network.

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Our French courses

LSF-IEF Montpellier, along with other KLF schools, provides French courses taught by experienced native-speaking teachers. By enrolling in our programs, you will become part of international classes comprising students with similar proficiency levels. This fosters a supportive, warm and immersive learning environment. At LSF-IEF Montpellier, we prioritize your individual needs, goals, and preferences, offering you the flexibility to customize your French course accordingly. Benefit from small group settings that encourage active participation and engage with a diverse range of international students.

French courses

Our courses provide you with the essential lexical and grammatical tools to communicate in French.

The five skills necessary to acquire a language are:

  • oral comprehension,
  • oral production,
  • oral interaction,
  • written comprehension and written production.

Exam preparation courses

Get ready to excel in your French exams with the help of our qualified teachers. We offer comprehensive preparation for renowned French exams such as DELF/DALF, TEF, or DFP, which are widely recognized globally. These exams are crucial for gaining entry into French higher education institutions and for enhancing your professional career prospects. Additionally, our schools is an authorized exam center in Montpellier for TEF and DFP..

French and thematic courses

In addition to formal language instruction, French can also be learned through engaging recreational activities.


  • French and cooking classes,
  • French and discovery of French wines and cheeses…

We offer many activities to satisfy all of your interests.

Private lesson in French

Enhance your language learning journey with one-to-one lessons. This personalized approach allows you to focus on your specific needs and goals. Here, you can reinforce specific subjects of your choice, whether it’s grammar, vocabulary, or any other aspect or specific purposes, French for university purposes, professional French, French for exams…

Our tailored one-to-one lessons ensure that your learning experience aligns with your unique requirements.

Welcome to LSF/IEF Montpellier

Our school is ideally located in the historic heart of the city, with easy access by public transport. LSF-IEF is one of the most recognized French language schools in France, welcoming students from all over the world throughout the year. Our classrooms are well equipped, the school has a resource centre and a private garden for students to use, and everything is accessible to people with reduced mobility

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Our French language school stands out for the quality of its teaching (QUALITÉ FLE and QUALIOPI label), its student diversity and its friendly atmosphere. 96% of our students say they are very satisfied with their language stay, to which many of them decide either to extend their stay or to return. Our educational approach fosters interaction among students and teachers, promoting collaborative learning and the formation of a vibrant Francophone and Francophile community. 

Our dedicated teachers not only strive to enhance students’ French language skills but also introduce them to the richness of French culture. In line with our commitment to educational innovation, we create our own content and provide continuous training to our teachers, ensuring that our courses remain at the forefront of effective language instruction.

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DISCOVER MONTPELLIER - Sun & Mediterranean

Montpellier is a city that radiates in multiple facets, blending rich historical heritage, breathtaking natural surroundings, vibrant student energy, and the warm conviviality of the Mediterranean.

A historic city between the sea and the mountains

Montpellier, with its rich history, offers a captivating journey through time. Dating back to the 10th century, the city’s historic center showcases a harmonious blend of different eras. One of Montpellier’s remarkable advantages is its ideal location, being close from both the beach and the mountains. Furthermore, the city boasts an extensive network of cycle paths, enabling easy exploration and allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in its charming ambiance.

A dynamic student city

Montpellier is widely recognized for its vibrant academic scene, making it a youthful city. With approximately 30% of its population consisting of students, the city is home to esteemed universities, particularly in the fields of medicine and law. The lively atmosphere extends beyond academia, as Montpellier offers an array of festivals, concerts, and shows throughout the year. From the exhilarating FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) to the delightful Estivales and Hivernales, among many other dynamic events, there’s always something exciting to do or discover in this energetic city.

A scientific city on a human scale

Montpellier’s science and medicine faculties have gained global recognition for their excellence. The city stands out for its exceptional research quality and the caliber of its researchers. However, Montpellier offers much more than just academic prestige. With a population of approximately 300,000, it maintains a perfect balance as a city of a manageable size. Navigating around is effortless, and, most importantly, it’s a welcoming place to forge new friendships and social connections.

A sun-soaked city that also embraces a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Located in the southern part of France, Montpellier basks in a Mediterranean climate, making it one of the sunniest cities in the country with an impressive 300 days of sunshine per year. The city takes great pride in its green environment and actively promotes ecology and nature conservation through various initiatives. Montpellier offers a wealth of parks, as well as well-designed cycle paths, ensuring that residents and visitors can fully embrace and enjoy the city’s natural surroundings.

A gourmet and cosmopolitan city

Montpellier is a city where Mediterranean culture and gastronomy flourish, evident in its abundant bars, restaurants, and cafés. Indulging in a delightful meal on a terrace is a quintessential experience in the city. Montpellier caters to a diverse range of budgets, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Each year, many international tourists flock to the region to explore its charms, and many are enticed to make Montpellier their home, bringing along their own cultural influences to further enrich the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Student Testimonials

Max M<br> from USA 🇺🇸
Max M
from USA 🇺🇸
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I attended a three-week French language course (level A1) at the LSF Montpellier. The language school is very centrally located, very well equipped and the quality of the teaching is very high. I can fully recommend the language school!
Sheryl S <br>from UK 🇬🇧
Sheryl S
from UK 🇬🇧
Read More
Truly great experience all around. Had the opportunity to learn from some really incredible professors over the past year. If you have the opportunity to come and see this beautiful city and learn this beautiful language you will not be disappointed with Lsf. <3
Mikael N <br>from Germany 🇩🇪
Mikael N
from Germany 🇩🇪
Read More
I really enjoy the school, the town, the lessons and the team. If you really want to learn French it is the best place you can found . 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 thanks a lot for this wonderful experience and now i can talk French 😎😉
Patrick W <br>from Canada
Patrick W
from Canada
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The administration and teachers are all delightful. The courses provide an incredible foundation. Although I had technically studied French for several years before matriculating here, my grasp of the language improved tenfold in a month. Merci pour votre aide, IEF!
Jonah H <br>from Island 🇮🇸
Jonah H
from Island 🇮🇸
Read More
I can't describe my stay at LSF in words! It was truly an amazing experience. My professors were dedicated and they had passion for teaching. The low number of students created a nice atmosphere and I aways felt like I could talk about my problems if I had any. Also It gave me the chance to get to know the other students from all around the world. The activities organized for us were so great, especially the visit to St. Guilhem and the wine and cheese tasting. I recommend LSF for everybody who want's to get to know France and French culture and also to improve their language skills. Thanks for the great time LSF 🙂

Pedagogy & Teaching


LSF-IEF takes great pride in its exceptional and dedicated team, comprising experienced teachers with academic qualifications and a competent administrative staff. Our teachers possess not only extensive experience but also high qualifications, enabling them to offer personalized guidance and support to students throughout their language learning journey. Each teacher is a native French speaker and holds a university degree in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), backed by extensive teaching experience in this specialized field. With almost 30 years of experience in teaching French, we are committed to upholding high standards, as evidenced by our consistent adherence to the FLE Quality Label.


Our French courses employ modern teaching methods and follow a well-structured syllabus standardised in all of our schools, to deliver high-quality instruction. These courses have earned recognition from France Éducation International and the Qualité FLE label, attesting to their excellence. Our teaching is based on the main principles of the action approach and our pedagogical progression rigorously respects the levels defined by the CEFR. Furthermore, we offer personalized teaching support services, including progress assessments, free tutoring, and a receptive approach to feedback.

Immersion in french language and culture

In addition to classroom learning, our immersive courses integrate cultural activities and meticulously selected accommodation options, allowing students to fully experience French culture. We place a strong emphasis on student well-being, fostering a friendly and international atmosphere while providing dedicated support and a stimulating learning environment. Our aim is to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere that creates an immersive experience in France, allowing you to fully embrace the language, culture, and people.


Prepare, take, and sit for your French exam in our school!
Take a step towards achieving your French language goals by choosing LSF/IEF Montpellier as your approved and recognized examination center. We offer TEF and DFP certification which serves as an official document verifying your French proficiency level for various purposes, including university admissions, residency or nationality applications, and emigration to French-speaking countries.


Explore the multitude of meticulously chosen accommodation options we offer to suit your specific needs and the intensity you wish to give to your French language learning.

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Activities & Entertainment

At LSF-IEF Montpellier, we are dedicated to providing an unforgettable immersion experience through our weekly program designed to cater to individuals of all backgrounds. Whether you have a passion for gastronomy, the arts, sports, or culture, our experienced team organizes activities that cater to diverse tastes and budgets. These activities not only offer a fun and engaging way to practice the French language around Montpellier but also provide ample opportunities to meet new people and forge lasting connections. Here is an overview of the activities that you can practice in Lyon with the school or by booking by yourself.

Our quality labels

Qualité FLE


Groupement FLE

Campus France

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