Art and Culture

Activities you can do with LSF

If sport is at the festival, art and culture are not to be outdone in Montpellier. With the Fabre Museum, two opera houses, numerous theatres and an international dance centre, among others, there are many opportunities to enjoy the many shows we offer you to go and see at preferential rates in the evening.

The Agora

The famous contemporary dance festival "Montpellier Danse" takes place every year in this XVIIth century building. LSF regularly offers its students to attend a free rehearsal where they can give their opinion on the performance and ask questions directly to the choreographer.

The Pavillon Populaire

Dedicated to photo exhibitions, it presents works by nationally and internationally renowned artists: Andy Summers, Brassaï, William Gedney, Bernard Plossu and Linda McCartney. Our passionate guide is always happy to give a guided tour specially designed for our LSF students.

Street Art

Montpellier is a great destination for Street Art, every year many world famous artists come to exhibit their work on the walls of our city. Whether in Montpellier or in Sète, you will discover the wonders of our streets.

Watercool Painting

In her artist’s studio whose windows overlook the magnificent Place Royale du Peyrou, Véronique will introduce you to watercolor. You will be surprised of our own talent and will be able to leave with your work, a souvenir of your stay in Montpellier.

Fabre Museum

This is Montpellier’s main museum of fine arts, where you can discover exceptional works of art! LSF regularly organizes visits to the museum. You will be able to admire the works of the permanent collection as well as those of the temporary collections.

Photo Stroll

With the responsible of activities at LSF, you will walk around Montpellier while taking pictures! Passionate about photography, she will take you to the most famous places and will give you some technical advice for successful photos!