Commitment to quality

Our goal is to help our students advance in their knowledge of the French language by providing them with quality teaching. We are also committed to helping them discover French culture and regional heritage, all in a friendly atmosphere. We attach great importance to pedagogical innovation; this is why our teachers regularly follow training courses to guarantee a level of excellence at LSF.

Our entire team strives to make the students’ stay as pleasant and simple as possible thanks to a clear and effective organisation and digital tools. Our team is available to meet the needs of our students regarding their life at the school and in Montpellier. The satisfaction and well-being of our students is our priority.

One of the main actions of our action plan is to collect our students’ feedback through questionnaires and satisfaction meetings, to synthesize and analyze them and elaborate an improvement plan.

We listen to every proposal and idea.

To achieve this objective, a quality action plan has been put in place since January 2012.

Our experienced and passionate teaching team does its most to provide a stimulating teaching environment for learning French. The school has quality certifications, including the QUALITÉ FLE and QUALIOPI labels, and offers a wide range of courses, fr om standard French to exam preparation.

The teaching approach is based on the principles of the action approach and follows the levels defined by the CEFR. Students can interact with their peers and teachers, encouraging collaborative learning and the creation of a Francophone and Francophile community.

Our teachers aim to help students progress in French, while introducing them to French culture. We also focus on educational innovation by developing our own content and offering ongoing training to our teachers.