Last update: July 15, 2020

Provisional General Terms and Conditions of Sale – Situation COVID-19 – Valid until the end of the year: 31/12/2020

LSF Montpellier reopened its doors on Monday 25 May 2020 for students based in and around Montpellier. As the Schengen borders have been open since June 15, 2020, and the international borders since July 1, 2020, we now welcome all students who are able to travel to France.

Since March 17, LSF has set up a program of pedagogical continuity called Keep Learning French, which allows us to provide distance learning courses in French as a foreign language for all students who are unable to come to France. You will find all the information about the Keep Learning French program by following this link.

Until the end of the state of health emergency, the school modifies its general terms and conditions of sales by easing them up. Therefore, learners who wish to book a stay benefit from more flexible cancellation conditions:

  • Any stay booked during the health crisis and until 31/12/2020 can be cancelled without cancellation fees up to 7 days before the beginning of the stay.

For students who were present and/or who had planned a stay during the period of government restrictions, the following is proposed:

  • Automatic access to the Keep Learning French continuity programme (see modality by following this link) for the students already present
  • Substitution of face-to-face courses by the online courses of the Keep Learning French programme for students who could not travel to France. Discover our distance French course program.
  • Voucher for the amount of the stay (courses plus accommodation) valid for 18 months, from the original start date of your course.
  • Possibility to transfer the voucher to a member of your family or friend at no additional cost.

Not being able to guarantee that we will always have the minimum number of students required (4 students) to have a complete group for a given level, be it for morning or intensive courses, here are the rules that apply:

  • If a group has only 1 student, the course volume will be divided by 2.5
  • If there are 2 students in a group, the volume of courses will be divided by 2
  • If there are 3 students in a group, the course volume will be divided by 1.5
  • From 4 students, the group is 100% validated without any modification

Apart from these cases only, the general terms and conditions of sales apply. See below.


Juniors: When accommodation is indicated for one week, this means 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday, unless otherwise specified.

However, if the client spends less than 7 nights in the accommodation in any particular week, they will not receive any discount. For arrival or departure dates on other days but Saturdays or Sundays, and in the case where the student arrives on a Saturday and departs on a Sunday, a supplement may be payable.

Materials and Transfers

Juniors: Course materials, the cost of activities and excursions as well as transfers are included in the host family package – arrival and departure transfers for residential students are payable.

Adults: In some cases where there are insufficient numbers to run a group class, a reduced number of individual classes may be offered (e.g. 20 group lessons may become 10 one-to-one or two-to-one lessons).

Public Holidays

For adults, individual and group classes are automatically rescheduled during the week and it is the student’s responsibility to attend these rescheduled classes.

For juniors, there will be no lessons on a public holiday, but a normal activity programme will take place (only for students who are enrolled for the activity programme). No reduction in price will be given except where specifically stated. Please consult the list of public holidays shown in the company price list.

Booking and Payment

If the full balance due for the stay is not received in the company’s bank account by the due date shown on the initial confirmation / invoice (4 weeks prior to departure), the company reserves the right to cancel the client’s booking and to impose the cancellation charges, stated below.

Cancellation by the Client and Visa Problems

In the case of cancellation, LSF will reimburse the client via the same payment method used by the client. Refunds by credit card are subject to a handling charge of 2.5% of the total amount invoiced.

The cancellation charges are as follows (no refunds will be made once the course has started) :

  • 32 or more days before arrival = full refund of the total fees, except for a cancellation fee of 80€
  • 31-15 days before arrival = refund of 50% of the total fees received
  • 14-1 day before arrival = refund of 25% of the total fees received

Alterations by the Company

If the company cancels or significantly modifies an essential element of the client’s course due to “force majeure”, at the date the payment of the balance becomes due, the company will inform the client as soon as possible and offer the choice of another course date or a full refund. If the case of “force majeure” occurs during the course, the company will attempt to make reasonable alternative arrangements.

Liability of the Company

The company accepts responsibility for ensuring that all parts of the stay are supplied as described and that all services shall reach a reasonable standard.

Alterations by the Client

If the client wishes to change their booking in any way after the confirmation invoice has been issued, they must inform the company immediately, in writing, and the company reserves the right to refuse the requested change. The company also reserves the right to charge €50 per person per change in order to cover the additional administration involved.


The company reserves the right to refuse bookings from clients who are not adequately insured against holiday risks.

Complaints Procedure

Should this prove to be the case, however, the customer must inform the company in writing immediately (using the special complaint forms provided) prior to departure.

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