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360€ for 12 weeks

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Learn French online before coming to France for an immersive stay at school

Deepen your knowledge in all areas of the French language, immerse yourself in current events and French and Francophone culture. Benefit from the assistance and continuous monitoring of our teaching team.

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Testimonials from students of our online French courses

Maren (USA)

(…) I have enjoyed the variety of class options and the teachers are creative and skilled. The teachers also incorporate cultural learnings into our daily French lessons such as popular French music, history, art, humor, and entertainment. The school administration is friendly, responsive and approachable. (…)

Justin (USA)

My first experience with online classes (zoom) was during this period of lockdown with LSF. My highest compliments go to the entire staff at LSF for operating, as we say in the USA, a “well oiled machine”!

My Professor, Antoine, successfully managed a class of 12 students of all ages from multiple continents, online through the zoom classroom. 

Vanessa (SPAIN)

(…) in my opinion, they are very fun interactive classes, that
allow you to keep in touch with the French language and to progress little by little according to the level of each student, favouring learning through the different tools proposed by the teacher, the online platform, the school’s resources, as well as the different activities that LSF offers throughout the week.