Blended Package - 12 Months

The current context and future trends lead us to propose offers that revolve around the keywords HYBRID, FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM.

The aim is to offer to you a formula that combines immersion and distance learning courses. A formula that gives you the freedom to organise your learning experience as you wish. Hybrid offers include private classes (online and/or at school), group courses (in immersion), and unlimited access to the e-Learning platform.

You can choose the duration of your package (3 months, 6 months or 12 months) and take the course of your choice. And so, you decide when you want to have your private lessons, online or at school, and when you want to do your immersion stay.

The logic of our hybrid offers is based on before, during and after immersion.

Before immersion

At the very beginning of your experience, you start with an interview with one of our certified teachers to assess your oral level. This test is complemented by a written test to get a full view of your level.

You have access to our e-Learning platform and can follow the private lessons from a distance.

This allows you to become familiar with our tools, our pedagogy, our way of teaching and to get acquainted with our teachers. 

During the immersion

You define the period during which you wish to come to France and also choose the length of your stay.

The advantage is that you are ready as soon as you arrive in France, so that you can take advantage of your stay to discover French culture in addition to the courses, and take advantage of the many activities offered by our school.

After the immersion

You can decide to use your online private lessons from a distance while keeping your access to the platform.

This offers the big advantage of continuing to progress and to do so at your own pace.

Book your Hybrid Package!

  • Online or at school.

    • 2000 €

    Unlimited access.

    • 90 €

    Choose your type of Immersion French Courses.

    When you have chosen to come to France within the 3 month period.

    • 2160 €

    When you have chosen to come to France within the 3 month period.

    • 3000 €
    • 80 €
    • 130 €
    • 150 €
    • 200 €
    • 420 €

    ❗️ Prices are changing for the months of July and August. Please contact us if you are concerned.

    • 350 €
    • 400 €
    • 420 €
    • 500 €
    • 520 €
    • 150 €
    • 50 €
    • 80 €
    • 60 €
    • 100 €
    • 75 €
    • 120 €
    • 110 €
    • 150 €