Why choose LSF?

Choosing LSF French language school

A great school atmosphere!

At LSF French language school there is a very friendly family atmosphere that is much appreciated by our students. Thanks to the warm and relaxed ambiance and the size of our school, students easily get to know each other and can easily interact with the staff. By neither being a too big nor a too small school, our students can enjoy a more individual and personalized experience while still being able to make lots of new friends.

Another contributing factor to our great school atmosphere is the fantastic nationality mix we have among the students (85 different nationalities in 2017!). Having this wonderful mix of nationalities allows our students to meet people from all over the world, and also gives them more opportunities to communicate with each other in French as the common language.

A high quality language stay!

All the teachers at LSF are highly qualified and are passionate about teaching French. All our teachers are French native speakers with university degrees and FLE (French as a Foreign Language) qualifications. In order to ensure quality and give more room for individual attention in the classroom, the class sizes at LSF are small with an average of 12 students per class (maximum 14). This means more time for the individual student to speak and participate, more time for the teacher to give the student feedback, which in the end means more progress by the student!

At LSF we are proud of our selection of French host families. All our host families are chosen with a lot of care and in order to match the student with the most suitable family we carefully study each student’s application. This allows us to provide a high quality accommodation and immersion experience that will make your language stay an unforgettable experience.

LSF’s commitment to quality has led us to receive several accreditations and to become members of associations striving to improve quality standards.

A fun learning experience!

For us at LSF it’s important to make your French language stay with us as enjoyable as possible. We provide a learning environment that is not only of high quality but that is also fun for the students. During our French classes our experienced and enthusiastic teachers create an entertaining and engaging class atmosphere where the students have fun while making fast progress!

Outside the French classes you will have plenty of things to see and do in Montpellier and the south of France during your free time. LSF organizes a wide range of social and cultural activities and excursions that allow you to discover interesting sights in the region and learn more about French culture and the French way of life. In Montpellier there are plenty of things you can experience on your own or together with the new friends you will make at our school.

The LSF Team

Melissa School Director Eva Education Manager Christelle School Deputy Director Eugénie Pedagogical advisor Julie Pedagogical advisor Yenifer Pedagogical advisor Grace-Laureen Pedagogical advisor Julie Reception and activities Xavier Teacher Anissa Teacher

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School location

Location of LSF School Our French language school is located in the heart of Montpellier’s historical pedestrianised centre in a prestigious building. The adult school, located at 6 rue Foch,

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Why choose LSF?

Choosing LSF French language school 20 air-conditioned classrooms located in prestigious buildings in the historic centre of Montpellier. Adult AND Junior courses: LSF is the only school in Montpellier that runs junior vacation courses as

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