Internal Rules

Update: 22 December 2022

The following rules and guidelines apply to the following school:

  • LSF-IEF Montpellier

Thereafter referred to as “THE SCHOOL”.

The present rules and guidelines apply to any student registered to a training program provided by THE SCHOOL, starting from their arrival in France. It is also displayed in the training premises. Students must also comply with the rules in place for their accommodations, for the entire duration of their sojourn.



  • Training is provided in respect with the principles of secularism and with the universal values of human rights, democracy, tolerance and respect of each individual, regardless of their origins or their convictions.
  • To ensure a good training environment, each student is required to behave in accordance with the basic rules of decency and courtesy.
  • The class schedule is set by THE SCHOOL, and is given to every student. Students are expected to rigorously adhere to this schedule; any tardiness will need to be justified to the trainer or training manager.
  • Attendance is expected of every student. Any absence will need to be justified to the trainer or training manager.
  • Every student needs to sign the daily attendance sheet given to them at every individual and collective class.
  • Students are required to dress appropriately when attending classes or visiting THE SCHOOL.
  • THE SCHOOL follows French labor laws, including specific guidelines for the education sector. Specifically, THE SCHOOL enforces equality of treatment regardless of sex, gender, age, race, sexual orientation or handicap.


  • It is strictly forbidden to :
    • Enter the premises inebriated or under the influence of psychoactive substances,
    • Smoke or vape in collective areas, notably in classrooms (decree n°2006-1386 of November 15th, 2006, Public Health Code)
    • Introduce any person external to the school on the premises without prior authorization by THE SCHOOL’s administration.
  • The fire emergency procedures (floor plan indicating fire extinguishers and emergency exits) are displayed in the training premises, and given to every student during orientation; they need to be known by everyone.

  • In case of emergency, the students are bound to execute any evacuation order given by the trainers or the administrative personnel, and to strictly observe the emergency guidelines given by THE SCHOOL.

  • THE SCHOOL declines any responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage to any personal belongings left by the students in the training premises.


  • THE SCHOOL may film and photograph its students during their sojourn (classes, cultural activities, outings, excursions…) and publish those pictures and videos in the context of its promotion : website, social media, pamphlets, adverts, etc… By accepting the school’s Term and Conditions (please refer to the Terms and Conditions document), the student gives consent to the diffusion of their image for an illimited duration. In case of objection to this diffusion, the student will need to inform THE SCHOOL in writing.


  • Failure to follow any of the aforementioned rules can, depending on the nature and the gravity of the infraction, lead to one of the sanctions below, in order of severity:
  1. Written warning
  2. Official reprimand
  3. Temporary exclusion from the training
  4. Definitive exclusion from the training.

  • No sanction can be carried out without the student being informed in writing of the charges held against them. When a sanction is being considered by the administration, the student is summoned by a letter indicating the date, time and location of the hearing.

  • Any temporary or definitive exclusion will not entitle the student for a refund of the tuition, nor of the additional fees (housing, transportation, etc.).


  • To address any problem observed by the student during their sojourn, THE SCHOOL provides a claim form, which can be obtained from their educational advisor. This form must be meticulously filled and completed. Once collected, the request is forwarded to THE SCHOOL administration, who will endeavour to address it as soon as possible. Any claim pertaining to a problem occurring within THE SCHOOL, in the housing accommodations or during an outing needs to be reported within 24 hours of occurrence.