5 Instagram accounts to follow: working on reading comprehension


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Almost all of us are connected to Instagram and many of us spend many hours on this network! So why not take the opportunity to improve your French in a fun and enjoyable way? We have selected 5 illustrator accounts that will allow you to work on your written comprehension and everyday vocabulary.

1. Margaux Motin

Margaux Motin is a very well known illustrator in France, she has published many books. Find them at here !  His account transports you into his world: a mix of nature, family and laughter. A real bubble of happiness!

Her Insta : margauxmotin


2. Pacco Dorwling-Carter / Pacco Dc

The Pacco Dc account is a real gold mine for everyday vocabulary! In couple with Margaux Motin, he shares anecdotes about his family life. You can see all of his works here ! To be followed urgently!

His Insta : paccodc


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3. L’Homme Étoilé

An account full of gentleness and kindness . Xavier is a palliative care nurse and an illustrator. On his account he makes us discover his profession and presents us with life stories, each one as touching as the other. He has just published his second book. Discover them here! 

His Insta : l.homme.etoile

4. Mickaël Fafa

A humorous account that tells the story of the life of Mickaël and his partner as a couple. We love it!

His Insta: mickaelfafa


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5. Cyrielle

Cyrielle is an illustrator from the South of France! On her account she shares her daily life with us. Mother of two children, you will be able to find moments of her daily life! To be followed without moderation!

>Her Insta : cyrielle.illustration



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