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LSF is a partner of Campus France. Damien, in charge of development, explains what Campus France is and details our participation in their events.

    1. What is Campus France ?

It is a public organisation whose mission is to promote studies in France to students abroad, and it is usually physically present in embassies and consulates. They are a key intermediary for the welcoming of students in France, notably by helping to issue student visas.

Nearly 400 French higher education institutions are members of Campus France. LSF Montpellier is proud to be listed as a major player in the teaching of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) in France.

    2. What are the Campus France meetings?

Every year, Campus France organises meetings between schools and the cooperation attachés in the embassies. This year, this major event was held virtually, from 16 to 18 November 2020. These meetings give the opportunity to all the actors to exchange and reflect on the international strategies of the institutions as well as the promotion of France to international students. LSF Montpellier was able to participate in these meetings.

    3. Why take part in such an event?

First of all it is a question of credibility and legitimacy. As a member of the Campus France forum, LSF Montpellier had to be present in order to be constantly informed about the evolutions and the different reforms at the international level, especially in the difficult context we are currently going through.

It is also a very good way to promote our programmes to the cooperation attachés who have an advisory role for foreign students.

Finally, it allows LSF Montpellier to extend its international network and thus to continue to offer a “mixed nationality” within our school with more than 85 countries represented. This is very much appreciated by students in terms of socialising and learning French.

   4. Can you give us some key figures about these meetings?

Our team attended or participated in :

  • 32 virtual meetings with Campus France institutes present on the five continents.
  • about ten workshops with current issues such as managing mobility in the face of the pandemic.

In addition, we have registered for 4 virtual fairs to support Campus France in its mission (Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece).

We are always delighted to take part in these meetings and we hope that the next event will not be virtual.




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