5 french movies and series available on Netflix

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It’s Sunday! As our English-speaking friends say so well, today we “chill”! For the occasion, we have selected 5 French movies and series available on Netflix! Whether you’re into romance or action, there’s something for everyone! Get out your most beautiful mugs and blankets, let’s go !

5 French series available on Netflix

1. Dix pour cent

netflix france One of the best Parisian artist promotion agencies is trying to satisfy its customers after an unprecedented crisis. The ten percent series takes you into the world of French stars and celebrities! This series full of humour and good humour will brighten up your Sunday! To watch the series click here !

2. Family Business

netflix français A family of butchers learns that cannabis is to be legalised! They then decide to reconvert themselves in order to open a coffee-shop! Between action and comedy, follow the adventures of this family! To watch the series click here !

3. H

H netflix This series follows the crazy adventures of three employees of a Parisian hospital! To watch the series click here !

4. Mytho

Tired of her daily life, invisible to her children and deceived by her husband, Elvira decides to invent a disease for herself! This series with a dramatic backdrop has been hailed by the critics! To watch the series click here!

5. Les rivières pourpres

série française This series is adapted from a book! It features two investigators who are trying to solve the mystery of a series of bloody murders that are shaking up France. To watch the series click here!

5 French movies available on Netflix

1. L’auberge espagnole

french série This film is a great French classic! It tells the story of a young French student on an ERASMUS exchange in the city of Barcelona. Thanks to the advice of his roommates he will learn to enjoy life! To watch the film click here!

2. L’arnacœur

french movie Alex has an unusual job! What is it? He earns his living by breaking up couples! His destiny will change when he falls in love with a client’s daughter. A film full of humour and good humour! To watch the film click here!

3. Mesrine

french movie Jacques Mesrine was France’s public enemy number one for many years! In this film you will find the story of his life as well as his extraordinary criminal career! To watch the film click here!

4. Divines

french movie Sensitive souls should refrain! This film moved the whole of France! We discover the life of a daring teenager and her best friend. They decide to become rich at all costs by following in the footsteps of a drug dealer! To watch the film click here!

5. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

french movie A great classic of French cinema! Netflix invites you to follow the unusual journey of Amélie, an introverted young girl, as she finds a box of toys and souvenirs in her flat. Curious and cheeky, she wants to find the mysterious owner of this treasure at all costs! To watch the film click here! ! Are you more into music? Come and discover our other articles! What about you? Do you know other French films and series? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment ! Have a nice sunday 


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