Our partner MENTORDESÉTUDIANTS helps you with your studies in France.

Mentor des étudiants

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Are you coming to study for a year or more at a university or private school in France in Montpellier?

With MENTORDESETUDIANTS, today it is easy to organize your installation from home, it is a precious help when you live far away.

Would you be interested in a filmed visit to find your future home? Numerous services offered, help with administrative procedures and more….

No more useless round trips, too expensive rent, housing in poor condition…

We search for you according to your wishes your future housing, carry out many administrative steps.

We are completely independent, our only goal is your satisfaction.

Many services to choose from grouped in 3 packages including 1 package of precious advice completely free of charge

We look forward to trading with you, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain !!!

Don’t be shy, MENTORDESETUDIANTS are waiting for your call.

Do not hesitate to visit our site at the following address: www.mentordesetudiants.com

Contact us by Tel or Whatapps at +33 6 37 24 98 65 or contact@mentordesetudiants.com


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