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The courses are over at LSF and you have already returned to your country? You still want to learn French but you don’t know where to start or how to continue? Here are some tips for practicing every day, at home. Follow these tips and you will progress without even realizing it!

1. Watch as many series and films as possible.

This technique is very effective in developing your listening skills. You can improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. For maximum effectiveness, the ideal is to watch the film in its original version with French subtitles.

Depending on your level we advice:

For beginners: watch advertisements! These are short and funny videos!

For intermediate levels: you can watch short films now!

For advanced levels: you are now ready to watch a whole film!

To do this, you can use a streaming platform such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

2. Listen to a podcast or radio station about your personal interests.  

It’s a matter of habit! For example, fifteen minutes a few times a week (or even better, every day) while preparing breakfast is enough! Or even in your car on the way to work. You will see that your listening skills will improve every day. The most important thing is to make it a daily habit. Just like at the gym, a 15-minute session a day is better than 2 hours a month.

Some suggestions for practicing: France Inter, France Info, France Culture. Go to the websites:

For French news: /,

For culture:

For international news:  

Podcasts on life themes (work, emotions):  Podcasts on travel topics: , 

3. Read an article, a blog, a book in French.

Target your interests: travel, fashion or cooking.

Choose a genre you like: detective stories, historical novels, children’s stories.

Re-read a book you have already read in your mother tongue. In this way, you already know the story and you can concentrate on the language!

4. Another little tip is to put your phone, or any technology you use, into French. This is a very good way to immerse yourself in the language.

5. We also offer you the possibility of using our French e-learning platform.

Permanent support from our teaching team, from level A1 to level C2. You will find more than 6,000 exercises, videos and podcasts on different themes such as: medical French, business French, international relations and French and cooking.

Don’t wait any longer to learn the language, go to the website:   

Note: Learning a language is like owning a plant: you must water it every day if it is to grow and become beautiful. 🌷


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