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Since 2017, our pedagogical team has created and developed a distance learning platform for French. The main goal is to give access to quality content to our learners, whether they are in Montpellier for immersion courses or at home for distance learning! Our e-learning platform allows learners from all over the world to learn French or to improve their knowledge by working independently on different skills: grammar exercises and lessons, vocabulary, conjugation, written production, written and oral comprehension, phonetics, while also benefiting from permanent coaching from our teachers.  

Our e-Learning platform, in a few figures  :

  • Over 500 training modules and 5,000 exercises. 
  • Permanent and personal follow-up by our teachers.
  • Over 7,000 users since its launch.

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Professional French: 4 new themes

Our e-learning platform is constantly evolving and our teaching team publishes new activities every day to meet the language needs of all our students. In recent years, our team has noticed that more and more students are taking our courses for professional reasons. French is very present on the job market and is a real asset in many fields. It is even essential in certain professional sectors.

Faced with this situation, we decided to enable our learners to progress in their field of expertise by offering them specific content and by providing them with constant support during their training. We have developed 4 new training courses on the following themes :

Business French

Modules examples

French for international relations and diplomacy

Example of modules.

French and cooking

Example of modules.

French for medical purposes

Example of modules.

Examples of modules.

About ten specific modules are available for each category of professional French.

Learners have access to :

  • oral comprehension,
  • written comprehensions,
  • authentic documents,
  • specific lexicon cards,
  • grammar sheets for use in context,
  • picture books…

Modules accessible to all our students

The professional French modules are accessible to all our students. They can learn anywhere, anytime, on any subject.

The advantages ? Our students are always accompanied by our pedagogical team during their learning on our platform. The LSF Montpellier teaching team answers all their questions and corrects all the written contributions which are published : the objective is to provide pedagogical assistance and continuous monitoring and to enable progress by offering corrections and personalised advice.

Professional French: new themes in preparation

In the near future, we will develop professional French modules on the hotel and tourism industry. We also wish to develop university French modules in order to prepare our students for the major studies that they will be required to pursue in France or in a French-speaking country before entering the professional market.

Stay tuned for our next news!

Did you know? Our e-learning platform is also available in a demo version. To find out more, click here!


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