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The Comedie Square

The Comedie Square

It is the main square of Montpellier but also a must see in the city. There are a large number of bars, cafes and restaurants among many shops but especially the Opera Comédie an imposing building. In the center of the place de la Comédie you will find the fountain of the three graces, it is generally the meeting point of Montpellier’s inhabitants.

Our advice: stroll along the square to the Charles de Gaulles esplanade! There you will find the Tourist Office but also the Popular Pavilion, a free exhibition centre!

The Peyrou Park

The Peyrou Park

The Peyrou Park is also one of the most famous places in Montpellier. It’s an old stone quarry that over time has been transformed into a royal park! The park is composed of several elements. In the center we find the statue of Louis XIV, at the bottom the water tower, a monument that was used to store water reserves to supply the city. The water arrived thanks to an aqueduct which is still visible.

Our advice: take a walk on Sunday for “Peyrou Sunday”! A weekly appointment where antique dealers and food trucks mix!

Saint Pierre’s Cathedral and the University of Medicine

University of Medicine

Montpellier is a historic city with many monuments that retrace her history. The Saint Pierre Cathedral is the oldest building in Montpellier and it is known for its unique architecture! The building is located right next to the Faculty of Medicine, the oldest university in Europe still in operation. The Faculty of Medicine is known for its anatomy conservatory which has a collection of more than 4000 anatomical pieces.

Our advice: enter the faculty, the place is free of charge and the inner courtyard is impressive!

The plant garden

The plant garden

Montpellier’s plant garden was created in the 16th century and is a place that Montpellier’s inhabitants appreciate very much! What could be better than walking around surrounded by century-old trees! The place was originally used to study plants for pharmacy students. Today it is free and open to all!

Our advice: leave a message in the secret tree! A tree where everyone can leave a small message.

Saint Roch’s church

Saint Roch's church

Saint Roch is a very important person for Montpellier. Many monuments bear his name, including the church of Saint Roch, the church is located in the district … Saint Roch! Right in the historic center of Montpellier it is known because in front of it there is a trompe l’oeil!

Our advice: It is a strategic meeting point to go to eat in a restaurant or have a drink!

Our bonus: The historical center

Our bonus: The historical center

The historic centre of Montpellier is also called the “Ecusson” it is composed of several districts such as the “Ancien Courrier” or “Saint roch”! Known for its narrow streets and small hidden squares, the centre is the perfect place to stroll or sit on a terrace! Bars, restaurants and shops there is everything to charm visitors!

Our advice: look up and admire the street art!

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