2 weeks of FLE training : CAP Innovation !

I want to create and innovate with total autonomy.

2 weeks • 30 group lessons

You need to update your practices, to keep up to date on the didactics of today’s French as a foreign language, to specialize with a specific target audience (children, professional French, French with specific objectives (FOS), large numbers of people, etc.). Would you like to get motivated by innovating and diversifying your practices?

Our programme “FLE TRAINING: CAP Innovation!” will meet your expectations: thanks to our expert pedagogical team, you will be able to explore new techniques and target your pedagogical needs. In addition, you will be trained in the use of new tools (smartphones and tablets in class, interactive whiteboard, video games, etc.) and will learn to diversify your approaches to meet the specific needs of your student profile (large groups, school groups, professional groups, exam preparations, etc.).

Examples of additional workshops to the “LES INDISPENSABLES” training (see page):

  • Let’s unleash smartphones in the classroom.
  • The gamification of the FLE: teaching with video games.
  • The playful approach: let’s play to learn.
  • Interactive learning: (re)motivating our teenagers.
  • Sociolinguistic immersion: towards cinema!
  • Prepare your learners for FLE certifications and exams.
  • Teach the news in a different way.
  • Teaching French with the 5 senses: a sensory approach!
  • Etc…

These modules are intended to be both lively and collaborative: participation, the exchange of experiences and the exchange of pedagogical practices occupy a privileged place. Our French courses for teachers take place in a room equipped with an interactive digital screen (ENI).

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