Internal regulation

These rules apply to all persons participating in any course organized by LSF. They shall be posted in the various teaching premises.

School Opening Hours

8.30am-5.00pm Monday to Friday


The school has several exit doors that can be used in case of emergency.

The fire escape safety plan and the evacuation instructions are displayed at the entrance of the school. The students are reminded of these instructions during the orientation meeting which takes place on their first day at LSF. The school is equipped with ten extinguishers which are maintained annually.


  • Our courses are taught in accordance with the principles of secularism and universal values related to human rights, democracy, the duty of tolerance and respect for others in their personality, origins and convictions.
  • In order to ensure that the course runs smoothly, all participants are required to behave in such a way as to guarantee respect for the basic rules of good manners and collective behaviour.
  • Course schedules are set by LSF and given to all participants. Students are strictly required to adhere to these schedules. Any delay must be justified to a teacher or to the person in charge of the course. A teacher has the right to refuse late entry to a student after 15 minutes.
  • Students are requested to present themselves to NEW LSF in correct attire.
  • Formation of Groups
    • For Adult Lessons, the number of students per group is limited to a maximum of 10 per class
    • For Junior Lessons, the number of students per group is limited to a maximum of 15 per class.
  • The minimum number of students in a group is 3. If the number of students in a group is 1 or 2, LSF organises private lessons (1 – to – 1) or semi-private lessons (2 – to – 1).  The number of lessons is then reduced by half (a week of 20 lessons becomes a week of 10 lessons, a week of 26 lessons becomes a week of 13 lessons etc).
  • Levels and Tests
    • The pre-course level test for French is sent to students by mail a few weeks before arrival.  But if the student has not been able to complete it before the course starts, he will have to complete it at school on his arrival day. 
    • Group lessons for complete beginners are only organised on the 1st Monday of each month.
  • National Holidays
    • The school is open all year round except during Christmas holidays and a few French Public Holidays (the list of which is available on our website and on our price list).
    • There will be no tuition on these French Public Holidays and no refund can be asked of LSF, however the morning and afternoon classes scheduled during bank holidays will be made up for during the same week.


  • It is strictly forbidden:
    • to enter the establishment while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances
    • to smoke or vape in places designated for collective use and in particular in classrooms (Decree No. 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006 of the Public Health Code)
    • to introduce non-LSF students to the establishment without the authorisation of the management.
  • The fire instructions (fire extinguisher and emergency exit location plan) are posted in the classrooms and given to all students on the first day of the course.
  • In the event of an emergency, students are required to execute the evacuation order given by the teachers or administrative staff and to comply with the instructions of the establishment.
  • LSF will not take responsibility for loss, theft or damage of personal objects of any kind left by the students at the school premises.
  • Ecology: The school has several yellow bins at the disposal of the students – please dispose of recyclable paper and cardboard in the bins provided for this purpose.
  • Internet Access: There are computers available on self-service, accessible during school hours. Students are forbidden from installing any software on the school computers. During busy periods, students must use the computers for no longer than 10 minutes at a time. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the school for students using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • WC / Restrooms: In the “Foch” building, there are 3 restrooms available : a men’s WC (main floor), a women’s WC (main floor) and a mixed WC (downstairs). In the “Préfecture” building, 2 mixed WC are available. You must leave them in the same state you find them, and you must report any problem that you notice to the reception.


  • Regulations: If the full payment has not been made before the start of the course, LSF reserves the right to cancel the reservation. In the case of a last-minute reservation by the student, the full payment will be made on the day of arrival at the school.
  • Cancellation by a student: In the event that a student arrives later than planned, or if he/she ends his/her stay earlier than planned, no refund will be made by LSF – except in cases of force majeure. Alternatively the student can schedule a new stay at LSF within one year under the same conditions.
  • Case of force majeure: Decease in the family, an accident or illness leading to health repatriation. A professional obligation cannot be considered as force majeure.


The school offers several types of accommodation: host family, residence (student or residential hotel), hotel, shared apartment or private apartment.

  • Host Family: Students can ask Béatrice, our accommodation officer, to consult the host family charter which each family acknowledges and agrees with in writing before hosting students.  We take the greatest care in choosing our host families but if you experience any difficulty or problem, please inform Béatrice immediately.
  • Student Residence: Students agree to respect the internal rules of the residence.  The residence will ask for a deposit of 150€ on arrival day (credit card or cash).
  • Hotel or Residential Hotel: Students agree to respect the rules and regulations of the hotel or hotel residence.
  • Shared apartment: Students agree to respect the rules and regulations of the shared apartment.
  • Private apartment: Students agree to respect the rules and regulations of the private accommodation provider. A deposit of 150€ will be requested by the owner on the day of arrival.


  • LSF may film and photograph its students during their stay (courses, cultural activities, excursions, outings…) and distribute these photographs and videos as part of its promotion: website, social networks, brochures, video etc… By accepting these conditions, the student authorises the distribution of the images for an unlimited period of time. In the event of refusal to distribute the images, the student must inform LSF in writing.
  • Concerning data protection, the information collected during your registration is only for internal use, and it allows us to organise your stay in the best way possible. In accordance with French law, you have the right to access, rectify, right to portability, delete or limit the processing of this information. You may oppose the processing of your data and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting:


  • Any failure to comply with any of the above rules may, depending on its nature and seriousness, be subject to the following sanctions, in order of importance:

    • Written warning
    • Reprimand
    • Permanent exclusion from the course.
  • No sanction can be applied without the student being informed in writing of the grievances against him/her. When a sanction is considered by the management, the student is summoned by means of a letter indicating the purpose of the summons, and the date, time and place of the interview.
  • During the interview, he or she may be assisted by a person of his or her choice. The reason for the contemplated sanction is then indicated to the student, whose explanations are gathered.
  • The sanction shall be notified in writing, stating the reasons, in the form of a letter issued in exchange for a release or signature.


  • Feedback Form: On the Wednesday of your first week of class, as well as on the Wednesday prior to your departure, you will receive an email asking you to fill in a feedback form. Please take the time to fill in these forms, as your feedback is essential to help us improve.
  • End of Course Certificate: On your last day of class, you will collect your certificate of completion from our reception desk. This certificate will specify the dates of your stay at LSF, as well as your level of French, according to the European standard CEFR: levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.


The school subscribes to an insurance that protects the property and individuals inside the school and within the framework of educational visits or cultural and tourist outings.

LSF cannot be held responsible for theft on the premises. You must therefore remain vigilant in this regard.

Foreign students commit to being in order with the French administration (visa if necessary, up-to-date passport, residents permit…) and to being covered by a personal insurance in the case of an accident, illness or damages to property and people.